DORA - Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area

What is a DORA?

DORA, established by the State of Ohio in 2015, allows visitors age 21 and older to purchase an alcoholic beverage from an approved and liquor-permitted establishment, then stroll and shop within the DORA boundaries.

Other communities have found the DORA provides an additional attraction for patrons, creates a destination for dining and entertainment, and promote building a lively, pedestrian-friendly environment in the area.

DORA Rules

Cups must be emptied or placed in a trash receptacle before patrons enter a liquor establishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I bring my own drink into the DORA?

A: No. Patrons cannot bring their own alcoholic drink into the DORA. You can purchase your favorite drink in a marked DORA cup from a participating establishment.

Q: Can I take my DORA beverage from one liquor establishment into another?

A: No. You cannot take a full or partially-filled cup back into the liquor establishment where you purchased it after exiting, and you can't take a full cup into another liquor establishment.

Q: Can I take my DORA beverage into my favorite shop?

A: Yes, if a retailer indicates that they allow DORA beverages by displaying a green DORA Yes decal, you can shop with your drink!

Q: How will the DORA be enforced?

A: Plain Township Sheriff Officers will monitor the DORA area during routine patrols. If you need assistance, please contact the Plain Township Sheriff's Office at 330-430-3800.

All liquor regulations apply to establishments and patrons within the DORA, including overserving and drunk driving laws. Please drink responsibly.


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