The Zoning Department serves the community by protecting residential standards and property values for Plain Township residents.   The Department ensures that property is in compliance with zoning and nuisance requirements which assures the health and safety of the public, and improves the appearance and quality of living conditions in neighborhoods to help maximize property values.   The Zoning Department regulates land use, prevents land-use conflict, allows growth to occur in a rational manner, and manages density.

Tom Ferrara, Plain Township Planning, Zoning & Development Director

Tom Ferrara
Planning, Zoning &
Development Director
Tom Ferrara spent over 13 years in the construction industry. He went from a journeyman plumber, on to become a California Licensed Contractor. As a plumber and contractor Tom worked closely with City Zoning and Building Departments to obtain the necessary permits/easements and inspections for the construction projects he worked on. Tom worked on many notable projects, two of which are the "La Brea Tar Pits" in Downtown Los Angeles, and at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

After becoming a police officer Tom utilized his construction background and joined another officer to assist the city planning commission in reviewing all building and development plans that were presented to the planning commission. The theory behind the review was an effort to create a climate of safety in a community right from the start by designing a physical environment that positively influences human behavior. To assist Tom in achieving this goal he attended training to become certified as a "Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design" (CPTED) specialist.

After 23 years in law enforcement Tom retired from the City of Henderson Police Department which is located in the Las Vegas area. He has worked many areas within the police department, but spent the final years of his career as the Director of the Police Employee Assistance Program, the Peer Support Program, and the Mentoring Program.

Soon after retirement Tom went to work for the Nevada State Attomey General's Office as a background investigator in the business licensing section. He worked there for three years prior to moving to Ohio in 2014.

During his career Tom served as a Board Member for nine different community non-profit organizations, all of which in some way assisted the youth of the community.

Tom loves his mountain bicycle, and is very proud of the fact that at the age of 56, he traveled to the State of Washington, and rode his bike up the side of Mt. St. Helen until he touched the glacier ice at the top. Tom said that it felt a bit eerie to be that close to such a massive volcano crater, and the ride back down was better than any experience at Cedar Point.

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New Transient Vendor Regulations!

"Do Not Knock Registry" - Do to a recent change in Ohio Law that deals with Transient Vendors, Plain Township can no longer curtail a transient vendor's ability to knock on doors in residential neighborhoods.

In an effort to abide with the new laws, the Board of Plain Township Trustees have enacted a revised Township Transient Vendor Regulation. − More Information

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