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Before you begin any construction project, such as a deck, room addition, garage, storage barn, or swimming pool, your first step should be to contact the Plain Township Zoning Department to discuss any restrictions that may apply and to obtain the required permit applications to submit for review.

Zoning regulations are designed to protect the investment of every property owner.   As you plan your project, you must be in compliance with minimum setbacks, maximum size requirements, and general safety restrictions for structures and property uses.

In addition to a permit application, a site plan of your project is required to illustrate the new construction's size and location to property lines and existing structures on your property.   These documents will be reviewed prior to issuance of a permit.

When is a Zoning Permit required?

Section 601.3 of the Plain Township Zoning Resolution states that "a zoning certificate shall be required for the use of all buildings, structures, and land in accordance with these regulations.   Before any structural changes are made to any building or structure, or before any land use or building use is changed, a new zoning certificate shall be required in order to assure compliance with these regulations."

What type of project requires a Zoning Certificate?

Specific Zoning Requirements

Please visit the On-Line Forms page to find procedures for obtaining permits.   Additionally, the following links provide information regarding specific zoning requirements.

Permits must be issued before work begins.

The Township can impose penalties - as much as $100.00 per day - for projects started without proper permits.   If you are hiring a contractor to do work on your property, the Zoning Department recommends that you discuss who will be responsible for obtaining permits with your contractor.   Remember that ultimately, the property owner is responsible for compliance of his or her property with all Township zoning requirements.

A complete set of the Township's zoning regulations are provided in the Plain Township Zoning Resolution, available on-line or from the Zoning Office at a cost of $15.   For general information regarding the minimum requirements for your project, application procedures, and fees, please contact the Zoning Department.

Zoning Department
2600 Easton St. NE
Canton, Ohio 44721

8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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