Governmental Aggregation Electricity Program - March 2021

Plain Township Selects New Supplier And New Low Rate For Electric Aggregation Program

Plain Township, Ohio January 5, 2021 – Plain Township officials are pleased to announce that they have selected Energy Harbor to serve the next term of the Township’s electric aggregation program. Energy Harbor recently won a competitive proposal process and was chosen by the Township because they provided the best overall value for the program. The Township has set a fixed rate of 4.78 cents/kWh for a 4-year term starting with March 2021 meter reads. Residents and small businesses should look for a mailer to arrive on or about January 7, 2021 concerning the new electric aggregation program offer from Energy Harbor.

The mailer will explain the low offer the Township negotiated and the means to opt-out should a customer not want to participate in the program. Residents will have 21 days to return an opt-out card to Energy Harbor, if they decide not to participate.

Township Administrator Lisa Campbell said, “We are delighted by the low fixed-rate of 4.78 cents/kWh for Plain Township residents and businesses. This rate is lower than the alternative rates from AEP/Ohio Power, and lower than the rates residents received in the previous program term. The new rate will allow residents to predict their costs and will protect them from rising rates for the next four years. Our new rate is very attractive, and as before our program has no early termination fee.”

Any residents who have already chosen a supplier on their own will not be automatically included. However, if they wish, they can still join the program and get the same rate, terms, and conditions as their neighbors. These residents will have to contact Energy Harbor at 866-636-3749 in order to join the program, and should review their current supply contracts to make sure there are no early termination fees.

The Township is pleased to have made this program possible but asks that you do not call the Township offices. They are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls. If residents have any questions, they should contact Energy Harbor at 866-636-3749 after they receive their letter.

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Electric Aggregation Program - Frequently Asked Questions
Supplier: Energy Harbor (866) 636-3749
Program Rate: 4.78 cents/kWh March 2021 – March 2025

What is a governmental aggregation?
Governmental aggregation provides local officials the option of shopping for a qualified retail electric supplier on behalf of residential and small commercial customers. Voters in the community must pass a referendum giving the local officials the authority to run an "opt out" governmental aggregation.

What is an "opt-out" aggregation?
An "opt-out" aggregation automatically includes all eligible residential and small commercial customers. Participation is voluntary and you may opt out of the program by returning the enclosed form or contacting Energy Harbor’s customer service department.

How do I participate in the governmental aggregation?
Your home or small business will be automatically included in the governmental aggregation; no action is required on your behalf to participate.

Is the price fixed for the term of the agreement?
Yes, Energy Harbor’s fixed-rate offer locks the price of supply through the term of the agreement. Distribution charges and taxes will continue to be billed by AEP Ohio.

Will I receive just one bill?
Yes, you will receive one bill from AEP Ohio each month with Energy Harbor’s charges included. Approximately 30 days after the switch date, Energy Harbor’s fixed-rate price will apply to your electric supply services.

Is budget or summary billing available?
Your budget or summary billing elections with AEP Ohio will continue to remain in place. Energy Harbor does not offer a budget billing option for generation services.

What is the term of the agreement?
The term of the contract will begin upon successful enrollment with AEP Ohio on or after your March 2021 meter read date. The fixed price will remain in effect until your March 2025 meter read date unless terminated by you or Energy Harbor per the terms of the agreement.

Are there any early termination fees?
You may cancel at any time without penalty. Contact Energy Harbor customer service department at 866-636-3749.

Who do I call if there is an outage or emergency?
AEP Ohio remains responsible for the delivery of power and energy to your home or business and will continue to respond to any service calls or emergencies. Switching to a retail supplier will not impact the reliability of your electric service in any way.

How does deregulation work?
Deregulation allows you to choose your electric supplier from a list of certified companies. Your supplier will provide the actual energy and AEP Ohio continues to deliver the energy to your home, read your meter and respond to emergencies or service outages.

Contact Information:
Customer Service: 866-636-3749