Oil Recycling

Did You Know?

Did you know that used motor oil never wears out? It just gets dirty and can be recycled, cleaned, and used again. Motor oil poured onto the ground or into the storm drains, or tossed into trash cans (even in a sealed container) can contaminate and pollute the soil, ground waters, streams and rivers. If you dump it, you drink it. Recycling your used motor oils reduces the threat of pollution. When you recycle used oil, you are protecting the environment and conserving a valuable resource.

  • Just one gallon of used oil can contaminate one million gallons of water.
  • If you recycle just two gallons of used oil, it can generate enough electricity to run the average household for almost twenty-four hours.
  • Also, used oil can be re-refined into base stock for lubricating oil.

Things to Know

  • Recycling used oil allows us to continue to enjoy what many of us take for granted every day clean water.
  • Used oils can be reprocessed into fuel that can be used in furnaces for heat; or in power plants to generate electricity for homes, schools, and businesses.
  • Recycled used oil probably touches your life every day - without you even knowing it. We all benefit from recycling used motor oil. From augmenting our oil supplies and helping to generate heat, to protecting the environment - recycling oil just makes good sense.

For More Information

Visit the Joint Solid Waste Management District, click on Hazardous Waste, and type in your zip code.

Local Drop-Off Sites

  • Advanced Auto Parts
    2314 Columbus Road NE
    Canton, OH 44705
    (330) 588-8813

  • AutoZone
    4213 Cleveland Avenue NW
    Canton, OH 44709
    (330) 492-8531

  • Jiffy Lube
    141 Applegrove Street NE
    Canton, OH 44721
    (330) 494-8397

  • WalMart Tire & Lube Center
    3200 Atlantic Boulevard NE
    Canton, OH 44705
    (330) 489-9185

  • WalMart Tire & Lube Center
    4572 Mega Street NW
    Canton, OH 44720
    (330) 305-0238