Zoning - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   Are there any Garbage/Trash Can Regulations?
A:   No. Plain Township does not have garbage/trash can rules. You may put your garbage/trash can out whenever you would like, please do not put it on the road (this falls under the Road Department Regulations). The Stark County Health Department has garbage/trash regulations - but only if you do not have weekly trash pick up.
Q:   Does Plain Township have any Leaf Regulations?
A:   No. Leaves do not constitute a nuisance according to the Ohio Revised Code. If you see a neighbor that is not picking up their leaves, try talking to them or lending them a helping hand.
Q:   Do you have regulations regarding raccoons, skunks, squirrels, etc?
A:   No, wild animals are not regulated by the Township. Please call Animal Control
if these animals are causing a nuisance at your home or in your neighborhood. A local company would be Critter Gitters at 330-936-8220.
Q:   How many vehicles can one person/household have?
A:   Plain Township does not have a limit to the number of vehicles a person or household may have. We do have rules that state each vehicle has to be licensed and operable according to the Ohio Revised Code.
Q:   Where can I park my Motor Home, Trailer, Jet Ski, Boat, etc?
A:   You can park/store your recreational vehicle on a driveway or in the side or rear yard.
Q:   Can I park my Motor Home, Trailer, Jet Ski, Boat, etc on the Road?
A:   Many roads in the township have "No Parking Signs", therefore you may not park any vehicle on these roads. A road is public access, if the vehicle causes a site problem please call the Stark County Sheriff at 330-430-3800. The township allows you to park these types of vehicles in your driveway, side or rear yard. You may temporarily park on the road if you are getting the vehicle out for the season or getting ready to put it away for the season.

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