Zoning Permits - Permanent Signs

Freestanding Signs

One freestanding sign shall be permitted for any 1 lot.   However, if such lot, as defined by these regulations, has frontage on more than 1 public street, 1 additional sign is permitted.

Freestanding signs for the S-1 & B-1 district shall be limited to signs where the base or frame is not more than 1 foot from ground level, except for a decorative pedestal-style base.

The permitted sq. ft. of freestanding signs for a lot shall be determined by multiplying 1 sq. ft. by the frontage of the property, provided the total sq. ft. of the sign shall not exceed the maximum area set in Section 801.7.

When a freestanding sign is erected on a site that has more than 1 tenant, it is the property owner's responsibility to determine the sign area devoted to each tenant.

All Freestanding signs shall not exceed a height of 35 feet.   No sign shall be located closer than 10 feet to any side or rear property line nor within ten 10 feet of any public right-of-way.

Wall Signs

The length of the building that faces the addressed street, or the wall of the building that contains the main entrance shall be considered the front.   For lots that have 2 or more street frontages, or the main entrance is on a wall not facing the street, the building frontage shall be calculated separately.

Wall signs may be affixed flat against the walls of the building or may project therefrom no more than 2 feet.

The area of all permanent wall signs for any business shall be determined by multiplying 2 square feet by the building width occupied, not to exceed the maximum area set in Section 801.8.

Requirements for all signs in any district:

  1. Any illuminated sign or lighting device shall employ only light emitting a light of constant intensity, with the exception of an Electronic Message Center.   In no event shall an illuminated sign or lighting device be placed or directed so as to permit the beams and illumination therefrom to be directed or beamed upon a public thoroughfare, highway, sidewalk, or adjacent premises so as to casue glare or reflection that may constitute a traffic hazard or nuisance.

  2. No sign shall be placed on the roof of any building, except those signs which appear to be a continuation of the face of the building or a mansard roof, so long as the sign does not extend above the upper edge of the mansard roof line.

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