Zoning Permits - Swimming Pools, Ponds, and Water Basins

Swimming pools are classified as commercial (public) or family (private).   Commercial pools are intended for use by the public, while family pools are intended to be used solely by the owner, family and friends.

In-ground or above-ground swimming pools, wading ponds, hot tubs or other bodies of water containing over 3 feet (36 inches) of water require a zoning permit and must conform to all required yard setbacks.   In addition, all construction, plumbing, and electrical work shall comply with the standards and requirements of the building regulations adopted and administered by the Stark County Building Department.

Safety is the responsibility of the property owner and sufficient measures must be taken to help prevent uncontrolled access from the street or adjacent properties.

For an inground pool or other body of water, the pool, water area or the entire property on which it is located shall be enclosed with a wall or fence not less than 4 feet in height.   It must be maintained in good condition with a gate and lock.

For an above ground pool, the owner may choose to enclose the pool as described above or

For Further Information
See Article VI Section 603.9 and Article XII 1301.3 & 1301.4
of the Plain Township Zoning Resolution or
call the Plain Township Zoning Department at (330)492-4686
between 8a.m. - 4:30p.m., Monday - Friday

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