Home Rule Chapter 900 - Portable Basketball Hoops in Right-of-Way

WHEREAS, ORC 504.04 authorizes the Plain Township Board of Trustees to exercise powers of local self government and to adopt and enforce within the Township local police, sanitary, and other similar regulations; and

WHEREAS, ORC 504.05 authorizes the Plain Township Board of Trustees to impose a civil fine for a violation of a resolution adopted under Ohio Revised Code ORC 504; and

WHEREAS, it has been determined that portable basketball hoops along public highways and within the right-of-way may have the potential to become safety hazards within the Township;

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Plain Township Board of Trustees, Stark County, Ohio, pursuant to Chapter 504 of the Ohio Revised Code and within the authority of limited-self government, that the following legislation is hereby adopted regulating portable basketball hoops within public highways and right-of-ways within the Township and the corresponding fines for a violation thereof must take effect and to be enforced from and after the earliest period allowed by law.

Section 901 - Portable Basketball Hoops to be removed.

  1. No person shall place, maintain, or cause to be placed or maintained any portable basketball hoop located within or along a public highway or a public right-of-way within Plain Township.
  2. Whoever violates this section is subject to a fine of $25.00 for the first violation, and a fine of $100 for the second and each subsequent violation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this resolution be duly recorded and authenticated by the signature of the Township Clerk and the Plain Township Board of Trustees shall hereby advise the Clerk to publish same in a newspaper of general circulation within the Township according to the requirements of ORC 504.11 and 504.12.