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The following Q & A represents a few of the questions frequently asked by residents regarding Plain Township roads.

Q:   Will the Township clean out my ditch that runs behind my house?
A:   All off road ditches are under the jurisdiction of the Stark County Commissioners.   The ditches that are maintained by Plain Township are all roadside ditches that are in the right of way.
Q:   How many miles of road are maintained by the Plain Township Road Department?
A:   We maintain 173 miles of roadway.   Currently these roads are being maintained by 12 Road Department workers and two supervisors.
Q:   Why does it seem that my road is the last to get salted and plowed?
A:   We currently have 12 trucks on the road and they are spread out evenly throughout the Township.   Each driver is responsible for approximately 14 miles of road.   All the main roads are done first, then secondary roads in allotments.
Q:   Why do snowplow drivers hit my mailbox and trash can?
A:   Ninety-five percent of all mailboxes hit are caused by the snow coming off the plow.   If we knock down your mailbox, please call the Road Department and you will be put on a list and repairs will be made as soon as possible.   As for your trash can, if it is in the roadway it is obstructing the driver from performing his duties.   Please leave them off the roadway.
Q:   What roads are not maintained by Plain Township Road Department?
A:   See Who Maintains this Road?
Q:   Why does my road have a no parking snow ban on it and others do not?
A:   Our list of streets with snow bans on them was comprised by our drivers.
Each area that the drivers have the most trouble getting through was put on the list.
Q:   Where do I call for potholes?
A:   Potholes on Township roads can be reported to the Road Department at 330-492-3423.   Potholes on roads not maintained by the Township can be reported to those agencies on the previous list.
Q:     When will my road get paved next?
A:     The Township has been and is currently working on a 10-12 year rotation program for paving roads. All roads are physically inspected every spring and prioritized.  

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