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Plain Township has 173 lane miles of road... and that is just going in one direction. The average width of our township roads range from 26 feet to 30 feet with a few exceptions. This takes our drivers 4 passes to clear an average roadway.

We also have over 250 cul de sacs in the township. Each cul de sac has an average of 5 driveways, limiting the places that snow can be put. All of our drivers do their very best to not block driveways for mailboxes in cul de sacs but it can be extremely difficult during heavy snow as the snow has to go somewhere.

The township road garage consists of 11 full time plow drivers. When possible, office personnel, like the Highway Superintendent, Foreman and Inspector hop into pick up trucks to assist. The Highway Department's main goal is to make our streets safe from icy, wintry conditions. There are over 22,000 driveways in Plain Township. There is absolutely no way that our plow drivers can avoid putting snow in front of your driveway. Their job is to clear the roadway. During major storms, our crew can be out for over 24 hours and still have to go home to clear their own driveways.

During a heavy snowstorm, it can reasonably take our snow plow drivers 12 to 16 hours to clear ALL roadways after the snow has STOPPED! Our crew is instructed to clear main roads first, followed by secondary roads and lastly dead ends and cul de sacs. Each driver has a starting and finishing point. No one area in the township has a higher priority than another.

Please do not place garbage cans in the roadway during a snow event. It is the heavy snow being pushed that knocks them over.

Review our mailbox replacement/repair policy

Review our snow ban/no parking policy

To receive snow ban updates via your cell phone, go to to receive alerts! The snow bans are announced on WHBC, and the Canton Repository along with our Facebook page!

Did you know that the Stark County Engineer's Office stores plow trucks in our old fire station on Easton St. so they have a quicker response time on county roads in the township? That way they do not have to come all the way from the engineer's office in Perry Township!

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